Basic editing and/or processing of an existing song/track - priced by length of the desired song at 
$9/minute ($0.15/sec)
This includes:
-cutting and/or re-ordering (example, cutting a chorus from the track or repeating multiple verses)
-changing the master volume of the track
-changing the tempo/speed of the track
-changing the key of the track (can insert key changes)

You have a self-tape audition due and you need accompaniment from Fiddler on the Roof. You know of a karaoke version of the song on youtube but it's not the same cut as given by casting. When edited and re-ordered to the same cut as your audition music, the length ends up being 1 minute, 24 seconds equaling a cost of 84 seconds x $0.15 = $12.60
Here's a sample from the original karaoke version:
Here's the edited version you'd receive:
These applications can be made for whatever you need. Please contact me below to discuss what you need and what's best for you.
Thank you!
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