Voice Over Background/SFX tracks 
$90/minute ($1.50/sec)
A fully mixed and produced audio track of a commercial voiceover piece to be used for voice over demo reels.
If you'd like a copy of background from a previous project of mine that you find in my rep, it’s $10 a piece to send over.
For mixing, audio repair, and compiling of full reel with provided voice audio takes, it’s $50 plus any additional costs of music production, if any. In order for audio takes to qualify, must be recorded and provided in a high res audio format at least in 16-bit/44.1khz. 
Please contact me directly if interested in recording vocals in my home studio. We can also arrange to conceptualize and produce a full demo reel together should you want advisement.
Example: you’ve come up with a concept for a commercial voice over reel that’s 6 different spots, each 8 seconds long. You need background music effects recorded and produced for each spot. The total desired length of the demo is 56 seconds = $84. Can be delivered in individual pieces, compiled, or both. If you have voice over takes of your own you’d like mixed in, I can do that for an extra $50. This would be a total cost of $134
Here's a sample compilation of voice over demo projects I've done for past clients:
These applications can be made for whatever you need. Please contact me below to discuss what you need and what's best for you.
Thank you!
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